Thursday, October 27, 2011

Metal Work of Audrée H. St. Amour

A huge achievement in my product work, the wonderful work that Audrée creates contains almost every surface condition that metal work can have, from shiny to matte. I'm very happy with the outcome, especially with the fact that I only used one light! I basically used the huge soft box on a boom and velcro-ed white sheets around it to make a huge light tent around my product table.

Thanks to the idea that Drew Gilbert gave me for this shoot, it was a great success.

And thanks to Audrée from the experience!

-Larry M. Holder

Group Photo for the Johnson Group of BMO Nesbitt Burns

I just completed my first commercial group photo, this one was for Johnson Group of BMO Nesbitt Burns. With the help of my classmate, Tonya, we did lighting tests for around 30 mins and then individual shots and the two group photos, the whole job took around an hour and a half. Tonya was instrumental in the posing of the group. Editing was about an hour, and Lightroom is just awesome for jobs like this. All around it was a great experience and I learned quite a bit about location lighting for groups.

Here's their current website, hopefully my shots will be up soon.

-Larry M. Holder

Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Alternative Portrait Work

My second alternative portrait shoot, based off the awesome shots I did with Kayleigh Smith earlier this month, I present to you some new work in the same vein. This time featuring the wonderful Jill Green, the shots turned out quite nice in my mind. I seem to have worked out the minor issues that I ran into last time and now have it down to science as far as lighting goes. So for anyone that's looking for a nice studio picture with some flair, please contact me if your in the Fredericton or Saint John area and let's book some time. It's as easy as emailing me at or if your coming from Facebook, just message me there. And now for the show!