Saturday, October 1, 2011

More Lighting Work On My Constructed Copy Table

Today I had the first real trial for the copy table I built out of foam core. I started my work shooting my Galileo thermometer, a very difficult piece to light, but that was mainly due to my obsession with shooting only with two lights and a bunch of reflectors. Why you might ask? I'm trying to work within a suggested budget for post graduation, thus everything I'm doing this year will be focused on cost effectiveness in a way. I then moved on to shooting Dan Gallagher's pottery work, we handled this like a professional shoot, I took Dan's input on display while adding my own ideas, like colour of backdrop and we worked from there. In the end I am very happy with the end product and hopefully Dan can use these shots in his portfolio. I then did a few more shots of Dorain Henderson's work, same lighting setup for Dan's work, just a different background, good shots, but I was rushed for the next person's studio time so I believe these shots could be better all around. In my next entry I'll have some more shots on the product table, I'll give you a run down of it's construction and issues and I'll show you some interesting constructions for light modifiers I'm building for my on camera flashes. Enjoy the images below - Larry M. Holder

And remember, if wish to have artwork or craft photographed, please contact me by cell at 506-651-5003 or by email at

Friday, September 30, 2011

Best Blogs For Information in My Opinion

There are two blog I've started to read and follow quite a bit in the last few days, the first is Strobist which is quite possibly the best resource on the net for lightning technics. The second is the official blog at, which shows technics and tips in a fun and awesome world of light painting. Links are below, please check them out! - Larry M. Holder

Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Light Study and Some Colourful Portrait Work

This week I continued working on some more creative lighting setups, while continuing to work on perfecting product work. The first image features work by the very talented New Brunswick potter Dorain Henderson, that lives in Saint Martins. I was testing the lighting on my newly constructed product table, it still needs some work but I will be working to fix the issues with lighting and adding in coloured paper backgrounds to help balance the ugly black that's on there now. Also this week I produced my first new batch of portrait work, featuring the talented and fashionable Kayleigh Smith. This is the look I'm going for in my portrait work, it won't be for everyone, but I love the way it looks. - Larry M. Holder