Thursday, December 8, 2011

Production Documentation - Fashion!

Here's some documentation work I did for Bronwen Robbins, a Graduate Studies student in Fashion here at NBCCD. Not much say on a technical level, but I did get to try out my remote fire feature on my flash, which works great and now I know location work will be a snap. On to the photos, hope you like them Bronwen.

Larry M. Holder

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Something A Little Different For Portraits

I'm very happy about this shoot, my first male model of the year, Colin Turnbull. I've known Colin for a while and I knew he would make for an interesting subject, and I was right. Since I was shooting a guy, the white background and soft colours didn't seem to fit, so this was shot of the black background with much success. There were about 90 shots in total and I had real hard time editing them down, cause they all made compelling or hilarious images, but alas here are my top 9, Colin however received all 90, sans background fixes on a disc, hope you enjoy them!

-Larry M. Holder