Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ball Jointed Dolls by Anasthasia Workshop

Just did a shoot for Anasthasia Workshop for some of her ball jointed dolls. What is a ball jointed doll? Well without going into a long explanation, they are as the name implies dolls, with ball jointing, then are very popular in Asia and among fans of Asian culture. Often they are sold as kits or are custom builds, people also make clothing. It's a very interesting topic which I suggest, if your interested, to research online. Anyway, she makes her own dolls and was recently a guest and was interviewed for a magazine at Otakuthon in Montreal, which she needed images for. Since we had made contact at Animartime early during a booth photo, she thought of me for doing these images, which I was more then happy to provide. So without further delay, the images.

Pretty cool if you ask me! I also did a shot of a prop her boyfriend, Bryan Gagnon-Lussier, made. It's the THOR Hammer from the webcomic HEROBOT and signed by the comic's creator Eric Allard.  These two are talented people!

That's all I have for this update, hopefully I'll have more stuff soon. And if you would like more info on Anasthasia Workshop please visit the link below:

-Larry M. Holder