Friday, October 21, 2011

Alberta Part 3 - Wedding

Finally we come to the wedding, not much to say really, I just focused on candid style photos. I used my Nikon flash with my soft modifier in pretty much all my shots, unfortunately it also cause my flashes hot shoe to break, so I had to buy a new one a few days later. Anyway, on with the pics.

-Larry M. Holder

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alberta Part 2 - Rockies and Beyond

Continuing on my trek across the province we come the Rockies. My brothers wedding, which we will get to in the next post, was in Banff, so we ventured into the great Rocky Mountains.

 Skipping past the wedding portion right now, after we made a slight detour to Radium in British Columbia the day before, we stayed in Banff for a few days, then it was off to Jasper. On the way we stopped at a great natural site, Athabasca Falls. Quite a site to be seen.

As we drove on toward Jasper and then Hinton for the night, there we lots of great scenes and critters to behold.

The following day we returned to Jasper to visit another great natural site, Maligne Canyon.

When then proceeded to Edmonton to the West Edmonton Mall the next day.

And then on to Fort McMurray where we stayed at my brothers place for a fews days and then flew out from there. 

12 hours later I was back in New Brunswick.

Needless to say it was a whirlwind of a trip, but well worth it, I plan on going back and spending more time at the locations that I really enjoyed photographing in. Next up, wedding photos.

Info on the locations 

-Larry M. Holder

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dead Space - Product Shots

Before I get back to the adventure in Alberta I thought I'd share some product shots I did using on camera flash heads and some of the modifiers I showed in one of my previous blogs.  The images are of my Isaac Clarke action figure from the video game Dead Space 2. I'm going to post two different images and some shots from the game for comparison just for fun. Enjoy! And yes, his hemet in the figure lights up.

For more info on Dead Space visit here!

Larry M. Holder

Alberta Part One : Badlands

Alright I think I've been holding out enough on images from my trip out west, so let me start at the beginning of this photo adventure. We landed in Calgary on October 5th and the next day we were off on our first stop, Drumheller and the surrounding badlands. So what are the badlands? Short answer, the badlands are dry ocean beds, they have been dry for million of years now and the area around Drumheller holds one of the largest fossil deposits in the world because of it.

Pretty interesting stuff, the best to find out about it is of course the Royal Tyrrell Museum, famous for it's dinosaur collection. So off we went to a place I've wanted to visit since I was about 6 and crazy about dinosaurs. I couldn't help feel like a kid again walking through this awesome institution. This is a small taste of the images I collected from my visit.

After that awesome experience we continued on to some other sites around the area.

The most interesting location in my opinion was the Atlas Coal Mine, which was a former coal mine now converted into a museum. Unfortunately the underground section on the site was closed for repair during our visit, but they was plenty to see on the outside. I highly suggest a visit to people who love vintage machines and history in general.

So there you have the first small slice of images from this adventure, check back later for the next part!

Also I am aware I didn't go into much detail about these locations so I am providing links to websites of vast information for those thinking they may wish to visit these places someday.

-Larry M. Holder