Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Practicum At Hemmings House Pictures

Hey everyone, I know I've been a bit quiet as of late on the online front and not been around much at all for shooting as well. There is a good reason. For the last few weeks I've been putting in practicum hours, for my course, at Hemmings House Pictures in Saint John. First let me talk a little about Hemmings House. Hemmings House is an award-winning film and photography production house, they service everything from television series, documentaries, concert tours and corporate ads. Though I've had the absolute privilege to work with fine photo artists like James Wilson (http://wilsonstudio.ca/) this school year, it's been great to get some insight on the more commercially heavy side of the business. Plus, other then my short instructional videos, I have been able to record and learn valuable video shooting techniques with my DSLR working with Hemmings House. My main contact and mentor in this process has been Mark Hemmings.

He's provided with great experience building opportunities so far, from shooting B-roll for documentaries, set-up for lighting, manning the slate during filming, shooting behind-the-scenes pictures, and other small tasks all important to running a business of this type. All and all, it has been and continues to be a great experience in learning every facet of this industry I love. Please check out their website, it's great stuff.

And for an extra bonus, here is the behind-the-scenes shot we picked for their use.

Thanks for reading, and I will have more stuff up soon in preparation for my trip to Anime North next week.

-Larry M. Holder