Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Creative Portrait Work

Another successful shoot in my creative portrait style. These images feature the wonderful Sarah Rennick. I thought I would go over a typical editing session this time, just so that you can all get an idea a bit of the work beyond the shoot.

On a typical portrait shoot I end up with anywhere from 80 to 150 images after roughly an hour of shooting. I start by going through them and picking which ones I like the best, I then mark them by adding a crop to the image in Lightroom. This gives me an idea of what to focus on in the image and how to frame the shot. After I do my first sweep of the photos I pick one and do the colour and lighting adjustments and then sync the rest, typically this finishes that stage for all the photos, as I rarely change setup during the shoot. I then go back through my selected images and pick out roughly 10 to 20 images and export them to Photoshop as .tiff images. I then edit down to 5, these will be the shots for the website and what I consider the best of the lot. I then clean up the marks and dirt on the backdrop and save the final image. Here are my top 5 from Sarah's shoot:

Of course this in no way means the others were bad images, here are the rest of the top ten :

Really it just comes down to what I personally like, but I always prepare the other top picks just in case the model likes one of them better.

Well that all for today, till next time, maybe another location shoot, we shall see.

-Larry M. Holder