Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Call For Models

Hello friends! I am happy to announce I am working on a cosplay pinup calendar for 2013. The calendar will be sold to support the non-profit Harbour Con-fusion Inc. which is raising money for the 2013 convention in Saint John, New Brunswick. Harbour Con-Fusion in turn donates profits from the convention to the Saint John SPCA, so this fundraiser is deeply important to me. I am looking for 18 year old plus models for at least 5 different months right now. Though this is a pinup style calendar the images will be completely tasteful and will include zero nudity. You do not need your own cosplay in most cases as some of the other models have multiple wardrobes which we can utilize. I am hoping to have a schedule booked by mid October and complete shooting by the 3/4 mark in November. Anyone interested within the Maritimes or who will be visiting the Maritimes that wishes to participate please contact me at . Thank you friends and I hope to hear from some of you soon.

-Larry M. Holder  

Waiting For the Train With Hilary Nguyen

Holy cow, it's been almost a whole month since my last real post. I have so many projects I can't show much of right now due to the fact that I want to save the experience for live viewings. However I did finally shoot some images I can show! If you've been following my blog you'll remember one of my first models ever, Hilary Nguyen. Well, we finally got to go do a shoot again, she really wanted to shoot on a train track. I was very excited to do this but we needed to travel about 40 mins of of the city to find one. No problem. Needless to say I feel like I'm completely back into my element in just one short year, and I'm hoping my work speaks for that. Now, on to the pictures.

What an awesome location shoot, thanks Hilary!

-Larry M. Holder