Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 Photo Log - 35mm Film

As I mentioned back in my Summer Photo Log post I have been shooting a lot of film, mostly due to getting new manual cameras to play with over the year. I'm mostly shooting with a Nikon F80 (my first SLR, still in use), Nikon FE2, a few different Yashica cameras and a Pentax K1000. I also shot some of my last stockpile of colour film on my pinhole cameras. Mixed into this lot of film is both colour and black and white, mostly black and white due to the fact it's easier to get processed. In fact I have some odd size and larger size colour negatives I still need to process but I need to send them out now, just a matter of getting the extra cash to get it done. I'll start with the earliest batch, some newer colour pinhole shots.

I won't talk much about them, they are just a few selected favourites from the rolls. Pinhole is always a hit or miss style, I could shoot an entire roll of 24 or 36 shots and only get one I like.

Next up is some selected images from colour film shot on my manual 35mm's and the F80 which has more modern features like film advance and more accurate light meter. I used a variety of manual lenes, so even on the F80 there was no auto focus in play.

Ad finally the black and white images, same deal as the colour, shot with my various SLR's and manual lenses.

Two images in this lot were actually shot with a digital lens, an 8mm Rokinon. That lens is fisheye to begin with, but it's designed for a DX sized sensor, which is smaller then a 35mm negative. That's why there is so much warping going on in those shots and why you can see the edge of the inside of the camera body. The 8mm works great though since it's a manual focus lens anyway.

Well that's all for now, I just wanted to share a few of my favourites on film from last year.

-Larry M. Holder