Friday, January 27, 2012

More Modelling Via Model Mayhem

I know I said I would talk about technique, but I'm still planning that idea out as far as presentation. Instead, let me just say once again how awesome a resource Model Mayhem is. The shoot below features a model I made contact with from that site, Erin Wilson, and she was great! Since I mass messaged other local models I've increased my work load about 10x and I couldn't be happy about that. I used my standard lighting setup and decided to try a colour combo to produce a sort of purple background, man what I nice colour. The shoot was so good I ended up with a little over 550 shots which edited down to these top 17. hope you enjoy!

I will be working with Erin again in the future, awesome job Erin and thank you.

-Larry M. Holder

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Frozen Nature Before Technical Stuff

Before I get to the technical info I thought I'd post some nature shots I did the other day. Nature and landscape for me is more like meditation then work, therefore it's more of the hobby side of my photographic practices. Enjoy these icy images.

-Larry M. Holder


Studio Shots - Audrée H. St-Amour

These are some studio shots I did for Audrée H. St-Amour, as you may recall, I shot her work earlier in the year. Much like the shots I'm doing for Bronwen Robbins, I think these process and portraits in the work space are a great way to both document you work and get a great portrait in your element. We did these shots over two days, as the first day I was a little confused on what she wanted and basically focused on the process more then her, my mistake. Still those images are pretty good. Here's my top picks from the first day.

So they're not bad images, but not exactly what she wanted, so here is the second day.

Much better for her needs. In the future when I do this type of shooting I think it will be critical to make a selection of both types of framing to leave more options open for the client. Thanks Audrée for the opportunity! Well, I have a hugely loaded schedule in the next two months and most likely beyond, however before I post more work I'd like to talk a bit on the technical side and show my process for location shooting as of late.

-Larry M. Holder

Artist Trading Card Event at Gallery Connexion 2012

This is a pretty straight forward post, I shot the Artist Trading Card event at Gallery Connexion this past week. It's an awesome idea, each local artist invited creates trading cards of their work and then, moving in a circle around the room timed to music cues, collect each others cards. This both gives the opportunity for the artists to be more familiar with each other and own a small representation of their work. Great idea as I said. I decided in the interest of preserving the documentation process, I would post all 56 images I submitted to the gallery for their promotion. This way anyone involved can snatch up images of themselves. Alright so here goes.

Look for more events from Gallery Connexion coming in the following weeks as I'm planning on shooting their events and performances from now on.

Also here is the link to Gallery Connexion's website, check out their awesome exhibitions too!

-Larry M. Holder