Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Studio Shots - Audrée H. St-Amour

These are some studio shots I did for Audrée H. St-Amour, as you may recall, I shot her work earlier in the year. Much like the shots I'm doing for Bronwen Robbins, I think these process and portraits in the work space are a great way to both document you work and get a great portrait in your element. We did these shots over two days, as the first day I was a little confused on what she wanted and basically focused on the process more then her, my mistake. Still those images are pretty good. Here's my top picks from the first day.

So they're not bad images, but not exactly what she wanted, so here is the second day.

Much better for her needs. In the future when I do this type of shooting I think it will be critical to make a selection of both types of framing to leave more options open for the client. Thanks Audrée for the opportunity! Well, I have a hugely loaded schedule in the next two months and most likely beyond, however before I post more work I'd like to talk a bit on the technical side and show my process for location shooting as of late.

-Larry M. Holder

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