Monday, June 4, 2012

Anime North 2012 - About and My Favourite Images

Wow, it's been a while since I posted last, not without good reason though. About a week ago at this time I was returning from Anime North 2012 in Toronto. While there I had a booth in an area called Photo Alley in which I setup to take photos of the cosplayers at the convention. I also managed to slip out for one of the group shoots on Saturday.

Alright so let me explain this whole process. Around January I found out about Anime North (May 25th to 27th) , the biggest anime convention in Canada (to my understanding), from my client and classmate Bronwen Robbins. On a whim I decided since I was getting into cosplay photo I thought how cool it would be if I could set up a booth and take photos of people in costume. I figured if I used the fashion/portrait lighting I could offer something maybe a little different then what people normally get for images from these events. So I contacted the organizers and they were actually creating an area for the first year for photographers to do just that, and it was free if you weren't planning on charging attendees. Wonderful! So I planned and tested for months before and and fit as much gear as I could into my two suitcases. Off I went.

So I arrived the night before and picked up my badge at preregistration (I got my exhibitor badge the next day). Then came the day I set up, met some of my neighbours and it was on.

This is the front of Photo Alley, you can see the divider sheet in the background which became my backdrop for the weekend.

This was my meagre setup (compared to the others).

The white on the ground was originally supposed to be my backdrop, but because I had no way to hang it it became my floor map for setting up. It worked out perfectly as I prefer to have a black or day background to start as the colours show up better. 

The show was great even though I didn't get to see much, there were so many awesome people that I met and that were in my area. Before I get to the photos I just want to thank Sarah Mersereau for setting up and running Photo Alley, Thomas Tran, my neighbour in the area that watched my gear when I was out and I his, and Marc Bonifacio, who came all the way from L.A. and took some time to come show me his home made 3-D camera setup. I also want to shout out from to all the other photographers in the section, especially Droo Photography, Convoke and Red Carpet who showed me what is really possible in that space and how to leave a good impression. And most importantly I want to thank all the wonderful people that stopped into my booth for a photo, and all the awesome people that braved the heat for the Final Fantasy shoot on Saturday.

Ok on to pictures.

I released these images on Facebook already, but these are from the Final Fantasy group shoot( a shoot in which cosplayers from a particular series all meet with a group of photographers for pictures) on Saturday. Some of these I edited the backgrounds clear of cityscape and other distractions in Photoshop, just to have something different. I'll start with those.

And these ones I liked just because they make me smile or laugh.

And now I present a selection of my top 10 booth photos in no particular order to give people a taste of what I created and sent people.

And I'm in no way saying the others weren't good, these are just a few of my favourites and most likely the ones I'll use in marketing and such.

Well it was a blast, I hope I can come back next year and take more great photos!

-Larry M. Holder