Saturday, October 1, 2011

More Lighting Work On My Constructed Copy Table

Today I had the first real trial for the copy table I built out of foam core. I started my work shooting my Galileo thermometer, a very difficult piece to light, but that was mainly due to my obsession with shooting only with two lights and a bunch of reflectors. Why you might ask? I'm trying to work within a suggested budget for post graduation, thus everything I'm doing this year will be focused on cost effectiveness in a way. I then moved on to shooting Dan Gallagher's pottery work, we handled this like a professional shoot, I took Dan's input on display while adding my own ideas, like colour of backdrop and we worked from there. In the end I am very happy with the end product and hopefully Dan can use these shots in his portfolio. I then did a few more shots of Dorain Henderson's work, same lighting setup for Dan's work, just a different background, good shots, but I was rushed for the next person's studio time so I believe these shots could be better all around. In my next entry I'll have some more shots on the product table, I'll give you a run down of it's construction and issues and I'll show you some interesting constructions for light modifiers I'm building for my on camera flashes. Enjoy the images below - Larry M. Holder

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