Friday, November 4, 2011

Reflection on Older Work and What It Means for My Future Projects

So what is this blog about? Well I feel the need to explain my apparent paradigm shift in styles this year. Most people that know me remember me as an experimental photographer and might be taken back by my very "commercial" showing this year. Well let me say, the artist is not dead, he's trying to make a reality based situation for himself. Truth is commercial work is the bread and butter of this practise, I ignored it for far too long. That doesn't mean I'm aiming for "boring" work. Product photos, especially those for fellow artists are very exciting to do in my opinion, I get to capture these beautiful pieces of creative work for the sake of historical record. Even if the original piece gets purchased and placed in some private collection the photo will exist for all to view, potentially forever. That makes me happy, it's part of the draw of this craft in my opinion, creating a slice of time in an image. Besides I think my portrait  work is turning out different enough to stand out from the crowd an really exist as an option for people to have something different then the norm, maybe even change the norm! Ok, that's a pipe dream, but still, better to aim high then not aim at all. So what am I getting at here, well, I just wanted to talk about my head space really, but enough ranting. My next big art project is on it's way, I just wanted to reflect a little. So what is this art project you say? Well, using technics I developed during my "Regeneration" series, my first professional show, I intend to create a new series based in "steampunk" style world. Here's a montage of the series I'm referencing:

 What the heck is steampunk you ask? Here's an example picture:

Basically it's many things, mainly it's a sub-genre of science fiction that focuses on analog, steam powered technology, it's mainly influenced by Victorian and industrial age styles. Needless to say I'm undertaking a huge project, but I'm so excited by the idea! Be sure you'll see some stuff from this project as it roles out later this year. Thanks for reading folks, till next time.

-Larry M. Holder 

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