Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some New Creative Portrait Work

I know I said this would be outside shots, but that model has yet to release the photos to me, so instead I'm going to post some images from the shoot I had today with the wonderful Natasha Sushkerich. There are slightly more of the creative shots on here because I have set a limit of 5 shots per model session on my website. It forces me to pick the best of the best and show off a little, however on here I can go a little more in depth. Here are the shots on the website.

And here are the others from my top picks, just to show a little bit of the thought process when editing work.

Though I really like these, I decided to stick with images that you can really see the face on for the website. Speaking of the eyes, I started lightening them a little in Lightroom to give them that extra pop and make them stand out. I love that what used to be hours for work in the darkroom can now be done in a few seconds with these programs. Great shoot all around, I've been very lucky finding models this year, putting up signs has been a great investment so far. Thanks to Natasha and everyone that has modelled so far, hopefully the ball keeps rolling uphill!

-Larry M. Holder

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