Friday, January 13, 2012

Screwjob - A Play by Step Taylor

Early in the month I received an interesting job in the form of documenting a play written by Step Taylor called "Screwjob". The play starred Step Taylor and Leah Holder, my cousin, and was directed by Lee Kinney. It was presented a the Charlotte Street Art Centre on January 4 and 5th, and may I say it was wonderful, great job from all those involved. Here is the poster.

Now on to the photos, I had never really done anything like this before but was very interested in getting into this world. I didn't take photos during the play as to not disturb the process, rather we set up scenes after the fact and I captured them. I haven't been able to get the images to the people involved as of yet but I wanted to post my top picks out of the multiple that were taken. In the end the people involved may like others that I don't pick (and if your reading this I will be sending you high resolution pictures very soon), but I picked these based on my preferences as a photographer. 

To make sure I took full advantage of the lighting in the area I shot without flash at 1600 ISO and then edited out the noise in Lightroom, I believe it turned out great, now on to the pictures.

Thanks for the opportunity to everyone involved, it was an awesome experience.

-Larry M. Holder

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