Thursday, February 2, 2012


Yes! Finally I get to put all my hard work into making some awesome cosplay shots with Bronwen Robbins. My nerd meter sparked early this year when I heard she designed cosplay fashion, and I knew then I wanted to work closely in her endeavours, as this is a sub culture that I want in to. I know just from research online that good photos are in high demand and I aim to provide, plus the subject matter, as I said, is just so cool to me! Enough geeking out, on to the photos. I used my model lighting technics to produce background effects for each costume that felt right for the character being represented. Without further delay, the images.

Sailor Cosmos

Paine from Kingdom Hearts II

I also did some details of the Kingdom Hearts II Paine

Great work Bronwen and look for more to come as she finishes more costumes soon!

-Larry M. Holder

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