Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gallery Connexion Concert Performances

One of the tasks I have taken on working with Gallery Connexion is photographing music concerts. This has me pumped as I used to do this quite a bit a few years back and it's something I really enjoy. Mainly I like it for two reasons, I really like music, and the images are always compelling to see and challenging to create. Here is the first in what I hope is a long standing, new series of music images. This took place on January 28th, 2012, I will list the band names before each set.

Pirate Soul

The Ray Finkles

Maiden Names

You might notice the contrasty and grainy look of these images. I shot these all without flash at high ISO capturing only the stage light. Personally I believe this adds a great deal of authenticity to capturing the real feeling of the shows. To give you and idea of the settings, the first two were shot at 4000 ISO and the last, which was extremely low light, was 25600 ISO! This is one reason I warming up to digital so much, when I used to shoot bands on film, flash was very necessary to get a good exposer and I had to use expensive 1600 ISO or 3200 ISO film. Now it's just a matter of testing before the show with your camera and reducing the noise in Lightroom. Such an amazing age to live in as a photographer!

-Larry M. Holder

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