Monday, February 13, 2012

New Work for Gallery Connexion - Hoot & Peep

Here is a collection of resent images I've done for Gallery Connexion. This first set in this post is from Hoot & Peep, a series of performance art that was done in conjunction with the Charlotte Street Art Centre and Gallery Connexion. For an entire week, twice a day there was a different performer in the window of the Owl's Nest Bookstore here in Fredericton. The theme was based around sexual themes and open discussion of the subject. Very interesting and thought provoking pieces. I was only able to capture 3 separate performances, I'll list the names of the performers over the images below.

WhiteFeather Hunter

Megan MacKay & Candace Mooers

Amanda Jardine

I really hope they do more of these is the future, it's a cool idea.

-Larry M. Holder 

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