Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Theatre UNB Production - Undiscovered Country

These are shots from the rehearsal of the new Theatre UNB production of "Undiscovered Country" by Arthur Schnitzier and Tom Stoppard and directed by Len Falkenstein. It's a long play with a huge cast, but incredibly interesting and thought provoking. The production value is off the wall with lighting, costumes and sets. I recommend it to everyone. Since it's a large production, there are a tonne of photos. So here we go!

Thanks to everyone involved for a great show!

*Edit Note

Certain images were removed by request of an actor, if at all possible, I will make an effort to re-crop those images and put them back up for those still interested. I certainly never have a problem taking down posts and images upon request from these productions. I completely understand and respect the wishes of these talented young people and would never wish to cause them unnecessary stress or worry. Again, I am very thankful to have the opportunity to photograph these events and will always put the request of the people involved in the highest regard. 

*These 3 images have been re-cropped, again I have no issue in doing this, everyone in the production is a wonderful performer and person and I respect their wishes.

Cast Listing: Emily Burton, Liz MacDonald, Tilly Jackson, Kelsey Hines, Samuel Grove, Andreas Marquis, Mason Hiltz, Barry McCluskey, Derek Jones, Matraca Lamey, Jordan Scott-Simpson, Mallory Richard, Shannon Glenwright, Eric Iversen, Robbie Cormier, Burce Mills, Carly Davies, Vanessa Roy, Whitney Doucet, Jessica Jewell, Clement Tahershami, Muriel Falkenstien

-Larry M. Holder

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