Monday, April 2, 2012

New Cosplay - Bronwen Robbins Designs

I did a shoot on the weekend for Bronwen Robbins' line of cosplay fashions. This was my first actual shoot in which I got to deploy my ideas for location lighting. This setup of two flash heads will be my setup I use in Toronto this May at Anime North, with a few tweaks along the way. Fairly simple to set up, one flash head(the main light) has an umbrella and the "background" light has a homemade modifier with a gel over it. I did three colours, orange, pink and purple, the orange being the most visible and actually adding some really nice light to the model. The model, by the way, needs huge props for this shoot, as she(she being Laina), walked up the rocky, muddy and icy hills in those custom made high heels. What a trooper, though she vowed never to do it again, and I don't blame her.

Anyway, enough ramble, on to the photos!

I'm super excited by these results, I can only imagine what a solid surface outdoors using this lighting will produce! I'm also happy to hear that both model and designer are happy with the photos. If your interested in Bronwen's work please visit her blog!

One more thing, in case you were wondering, we shot this in O'dell Park here in Fredericton.

-Larry M. Holder

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