Monday, April 23, 2012

Second Year Fashion Diploma Class Photos

First post in the image flood! This was a series of group shots I did for the graduating Fashion diploma students of NBCCD. We were very fortunate to gain access to the Government House here in Fredericton to do the portraits in. Not sure how many of you have visited this place or not, but it is a sight to be seen, one of the greatest locations I have ever shot in. So on to the photos, this was a simple two light setup with shoot through umbrellas, I used the 1600 White Lightning units. In retrospective I wish I had brought another, I really could have used that extra light for a back light source, but live and learn as they say. Regardless of the technical moaning, I'm extremely happy with the outcome. I did a fair bit of post processing on skin, but very little on the surrounding area. This was a technique I developed while doing portraits and then perfected while doing the first cosplay photos for Bronwen Robbins. It's fairly simple but time consuming, I basically combine Lightroom's Skin Softening tool with the Healing Brush and Clone Stamp in Photoshop. To my best estimate, this is basically have it's done by everyone, but other people use mask layers and the such as well. End result? Well feast your eyes!

I'll start with my favourites, the library shots.

Next up is the dining room.

And finally the staircase, probably the hardest thing to light out of the entire shoot, and since it was a spiral, hard to find angles, I think we pulled off some good shots though.

That's all for now, hope you enjoy!

Featured in these photos : Kim Currie, Marie-Lynne Leblanc, Adrienne Guptill, Patricia Galbraith, Alison Ready, Mandy Fraser, Patricia Maillet, Spencer Corbett 

For more info on Government House, please visit 

-Larry M. Holder

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