Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Post About Colours and Cosplay

Hi there folks! I'm just posting to let people heading to Anime North in Toronto this weekend that I will be on sight and I will have a photo booth in Photo Alley. What I'm mainly posting for is to showcase some colour selections for my background for those interested in having me do shots for them. So, as follows based on testing are the best and brightest colours you can pick from.

Now keep in mind these might not be exact, I'll have to run some tests in the TCC when I get there, I sure the lighting will differ slighting in that building. That being said, it will be pretty close, so if your going for a certain look in your photo, colour makes a big difference. I'll be more then happy to select for you, and I do have other colours on me, these ones just stand out the best. I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone there and having a great time myself. Also, I should mention that this colour is a smaller highlight in the background compared to my studio work, but still really adds something. In fact, here are few "regular" photos I did outdoors using this setup and post process. 

It didn't much show up in the first image due to the fact that it was a blue colour and a bright sunny day, but it's still a fun and sort of interesting image.

That's all for now, see all you convention goers in a few days!

-Larry M. Holder 

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