Monday, July 16, 2012

Animartime 2012 - Review And Top Images

Finally 16 days later, my review of my Animaritime experience. I'll start by saying wow, the convention was extremely organized and the staff were extra helpful, friendly and present on a regular basis. I had my own space at this con and was present as the official photographer. My only real duty was to capture the Masquerade contestants as they came off stage, mainly for judging purposes. To say this was a great gig is an understatement, and though it was "free" work, I think the exposer and experience far outweighs any income in a money sense, though I know most of my peers would not agree. Truth is, the trip to Toronto for Anime North cost about 1000 dollars and I had no return in money from that, but gained lots of exposer, I consider that a success. This trip only cost me around 100 dollars and I ended up meeting and photographing more people and gaining some good contacts, this was a stellar trip in other words. Alright, so enough of that on to the room I had. It wasn't big, but it wasn't tiny, in Toronto I had a 10x10 space, they weren't really divided off, this space was bigger, 20x12, but was inclosed of course being a room. That was better however because it meant I could just leave my stuff close the door and walk away without worrying about gear walking away. The room did have some odd corners, but that actually worked well, as I was able to set up to shoot a a sort of angle. I still haven't picked up a proper background stand but in many ways the direct application of the sheets to the wall really worked in this space. Outside I had my creatively homemade advertisement sandwich boards with images from Anime North and my work so far from Delirium's Edge Designs as well as other info and QR codes to my website. Those worked exactly as I hoped and drew a lot of attention and discussion from onlookers, with one problem however. My company name suggests a group of people, but really it's just me, I really think my name is boring which is why I use Point of Light Productions to sell myself, it's catchy and easy to remember. Small issue however. Alright, here are some images I took of my setup in case my description didn't paint the full picture in your mind.

First, here are some images of the sandwich boards and posters I used to mark the room:

Here is how I applied them to the outside of the room:

And finally my meager setup inside the room:

Alright, so enough about that, now I'm going to post my top ten images from the room, these in no way suggest that I think that the images are bad or anything, these are just the ones I want to use on my website and I have to set a limit. I'll be posting all my pictures from here and Anime North in the next couple of blog entries as I'm pretty sure this last "booth" style photo collection I'll be able to do this year. So Without further delay, the top ten in no particular order:

So that's a wrap on the majority of my experience, stay tuned for a complete photo catalog of Animaritime and Anime North including all outdoor shoots(they are all available on Facebook as well). And thank you to everyone at Animaritime for making it a highly enjoyable experience and I'll most defiantly be there next year so long at the organizers have a place for me. And as a special thank you for those that read this long post, thank you for the support.

-Larry M. Holder  


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