Monday, August 6, 2012

Harbour Con-Fusion 2012 Quick Review

It's been a week since Harbour Con-Fusion in Saint John, N.B. ended and I've had time to finish editing and reflect on my time there. First off I was going into this convention in a completely different mode at first, when I first contacted them they had an official photographer and seemed set in that fashion. I thought I could go, enjoy some panels and the atmosphere, do a few group shoots outside and be done. Now this was their first year so things happen, about a week before the con, half the staff left for an undisclosed reason, things happen. Then the photographer had to back out about two days before due to another commitment, so I was contacted and asked if I wanted to fill in. My answer was, of course, yes. This was still a very different experience then my last two. Firstly the con was much smaller in scale, but made up for it in interesting content and guests, a lot of heart and love from the staff and a wonderful group of attendees. Secondly I was asked to shoot the panels and events, this I happily did as the demand for the booth photos was low and the panels were a blast for the most part. Speaking of the booth, it was very small, but effective, though it did cause me a lot of post work.

I have a tonne of pictures from most of the events and panels from open to close, as well as booth photos and group shoots which I'm all very happy with. I'll be posting them in the next blog entry, much like I did with the last two.

I just wanted to first say how much fun I had at this event and how lucky I feel to have been able to capture it for everyone involved. Though small right now, I see nothing but good for the future of this convention and I look forward to next year. You don't have to be the biggest to be the best, and Harbour Con-fusion proved that. Again thanks to everyone there this year and I hope you keep coming back for more, I know I sure will!

Look at this awesome mug too! I should also mention that this convention donated it's profits to the SPCA animal shelter and I'm glad to see my community of fellow geeks, cosplayers and fanboys helping support those wonderful people.

-Larry M. Holder

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