Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nature Trust Project Wrap Up

Well, I'm not sure I talked about it much, but I was working on a project with NBCCD and the Nature Trust of New Brunswick. The idea was to visit the various Nature Trust preserves and create a piece of art based on your experience there. It was open to any NBCCD student in the 2012 year, I graduated in 2012, but qualified as the project started before that point. So after a couple of field trips I was ready with what I thought was a nice array of work. I did both standard shots and pinhole shots. I went with the pinhole and decided to apply some interesting surface to it with acrylic paint and gels. Unfortunately my pieces did not make the cut, but I would like to present them here for your viewing.

I won't be revealing my other pinhole works just yet, as some will be in my show this November. But I would like to present my straight photography from this project for your viewing pleasure. 

I hope you enjoy these sights and please make sure to visit The New Brunswick Museum in Saint John to see the selected pieces from the other students.

-Larry M. Holder 

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