Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Making a Seat - My Chair Project with Emerge

I few weeks ago I took place in charity auction with my fellow Emerge Artist Collective members, the "Take A Seat 'Chair-ity' Auction!" at the Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery. I wasn't displaying photos though, instead I built a physical chair, way out of left field for my major discipline, but with all the prop stuff I've been working on as of late for costumes, it fit well into that category. In fact I started the base of this chair for a completely different project, back when I was working on my steampunk inspired series and never had reason to finish it till now. The finished piece is constructed mainly of cardboard tubes, taped, glued and painted together. I can safely say this thing ate a huge amount of acrylic paint and a few bottles of wood glue before it was done. I had this crazy idea to put a light source in the back, I used LED christmas lights inside a box that just sat on the back, fairly effective, but not as bright as I wanted, had to do a super long exposer for it to show in a photo.

The base and seat are made of MDF and the side braces are steel. I called it "Seat of Petroleum" cause it looked like it was leaking all sorts of nasty from the paint job, so I felt it fit the look. I should mention too that the vent the light comes through is a plastic heating vent cover. Here's some more details.

And finally I turned on the smoke machine and did another long exposer for full effect.

All around a pretty fun and different project.

-Larry M. Holder

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