Thursday, April 17, 2014

Artwork Update and Looking Back

Hello, I wanted to update the status on my latest art projects. First and foremost lets talk about the cosplay stuff. Now I know I have a separate blog for the work, but, I am starting a very interesting and artistic take on the subject over the next few years. I plan on making a series exploring the artists behind the costumes, once I have a few examples I'll post them here in another update. The second big project I'm working on is my next project which Emerge Artist Collective. I don't want to give away too much of the over all theme yet, but I will talk about my project a bit. From a technical side it's all about shooting miniature items and making fantasy based, composited landscapes from them. It's a practically shot project which is then composited in photoshop, more on that later too.

Moving back in time to the last Emerge project, though I did post the final result of the project Dana O'Regan and I did together, I never posted all the images I took of the project during it's course, which was a huge amount. The reason I'm thinking about the ice project is because of the way it was shot. I tried to give it height and dominance, and make it look huge, like a strange landscape. To say that the work didn't influence my current project would be a lie. So I wanted to share that catalog before I move forward. This a huge collection, and very interesting things came out of it. Please enjoy.

I also shot some very interesting pinhole during this project, one of which made it into my Pinhole show last November.

All and all there was some seriously beautiful and inspired work that came out of that project, I'm glad I had such a great opportunity to work with one of the best local artists on it. It's now time to move forward and create new works, I look forward to updating more often and sharing my work.

-Larry M. Holder


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