Friday, July 11, 2014

T-shirt Design for Harvey Studios

Many of you that know me may not know that I work part time at Harvey Studios in Fredericton. My regular job there is camera sales/passport photos and as a print technician. From time to time I get to use my skills in photography and editing for something fun for the store. The City of Fredericton Tourism Dept. wanted downtown business to create some unique items for tourists to purchase. So far our store has made historical photo mugs and prints but we also decided on making T-shirts. City Hall being the most historic municipal building (and being right across the street) made sense to feature on a shirt. So, I started with an image taken with a wide angle lens.

From that point I cut out and edited the building in photoshop, adding a few filters and making it black and white.

After this point I took the image and corrected the angles to make the building look straight.

Then lastly some text and the design is done (text slightly different on the final product)

I'm pretty proud of this design, the shirt sells for $19.99 + tax and you can pick one up anytime at Harvey Studios at 372 Queen Street, Fredericton, NB.

-Larry M. Holder


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