Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Photo Log Part One

I know this is going to sound funny but I've been shooting a a lot more this summer for the fun of it. I've been shooting both film and digital but haven't gotten around to processing much of the film yet. Never the less here's a selection of my digital work so far.

Topical Strom Arthur

These are just a few pictures I took around my place after the storm hit here.

Cats, where would the internet be without them.

A few shots from in around Killarney Lake.

Around the Saint John River in downtown Fredericton.

One of my favourite subjects, the Moon.

Various going ons and sites in Fredericton.

Hyla Park in Fredericton.

In around Sheffield, pretty rainy that day.

Around Woodstock, lots of interesting bug and water shots here.

That's all for now, look for more posts soon!

-Larry M. Holder 

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