Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sometimes It Pays To Not Be So Serious

The title is a bit off putting, but I just got a little tired of writing "New Model Shoot" or variations on that. That's what this update is about though. I had a wonderful model I contacted off Model Mayhem, Leah Warren, pose for me on the weekend. Since Leah is also an actress, she was very character driven in each outfit which made for a fun and spontaneous shoot. I had noticed in her profile pictures that she had red hair and I always wanted to make a strong green background, so this, in my mind, was the perfect chance to try and get that colour. I ended up making two different colour combinations during the shoot and I really like both. Typically I do a skin softening application as of late to my models, however, for whatever reason it just looked too unnatural on Leah, possibly because her skin was already very light in tone. All and all I really enjoyed working with her, and there's a possibility I may work with her comedic acting group in the future, which sounds awesome to me. Now the pictures.

Thanks again Leah!

-Larry M. Holder

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