Thursday, May 3, 2012

101st Post! Steampunk Outtakes

I wanted to do something special for my 101st post so I'm doing a sneak peak of my steampunk images from my series "Steamed Vision". The first part of this series "The Cantina" will be unveiled at our Graduate Studies gallery show, "Cross Processed" on June 15th, 2012 here at NBCCD. These are selected outtakes from each shoot. I had three wonderful ladies help me on this shoot.

The first is a Fashion graduate of NBCCD, Kayleigh Smith, who provided the starting point for this project. We did close to 200 shots because at this point I had little direction on the project, just an idea. Kayleigh wore some clothing which fit the ecstatic of the genre which she said she had on hand in her closet on hand. It's a good thing she was familiar with the genre because she did a really good job with what she had. I either found or constructed the props you see in the photo and the smoke machine was a great purchase for this project. In the series Kayleigh is the first image in the line, here are the selected outtakes I really like.

My second model was Bronwen Robbins, by this point you might recognize both of the ladies names from other work I've done. Bronwen is also a Fashion student in the same Graduate Studies program as me. Bronwen's speciality is of course costume design, we used pieces of her existing costumes to dress her character. We didn't do as many shots for her, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted from her character. Thus I think we had about maybe 20 shots, none the less great. She plays the third character in the piece, here are my selected outtakes.

Last but certainly not least, was Stacy James. She's a good friend of mine from back when I went to college in 2005. Stacy is also a great artist, she knows fabric arts and surface design and she actually weaves with metal wire now too! In the future I'll be documenting she of her new work. When I told her about this project she researched the heck out of it and designed her own costume and make-up with the simple direction I gave her of "your a bartender". Since her character was to be the interacting point between the other two, we shot several different poses and ideas. Once again ending up with around 200 at the end, this was definitely the hardest to pick from. This was simply because she performed well in almost every shot, and the chosen image would define the tryptic. After much debate and several opinions I did settle on one, that being said here are selected outtakes.

I can honestly say I had a blast making these, and I can't wait to make more on a larger scale (hopefully) in the future. Not to mention, these images are in no way "bad", which is exactly why I want to show them off.  So bravo ladies and thank you for your help on this. That's all for now, hope I intrigued you to come see the final selected images at the opening on June 15th!

-Larry M. Holder 

*Edit* I just realized the opening is on the 15th not the 16th so I edited the date. 

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