Sunday, May 6, 2012

Almost Forgotten: Fashion Window Displays

I almost forgot to post these images! These were images of the Diploma Fashion students and Bronwen Robbins' window displays that were put up around the downtown in various shops. It's a very cool thing to have your piece hi-lighted for the public to see beyond your typical crowd. It's also very cool of the local Fredericton businesses to be so open to this process. That's why without even thinking I jumped on the challenge of shooting through glass windows and provide the best quality images for these fine people. Therefore, I prepped myself before hand, I shot with my macro 60mm lens because it's tac sharp and with the addition of a circular polarizer filter I was in the best position I could be to start the process. My results? Not the perfection I wanted, but still a really good effort. Some of these were impossible to shoot during the day, so I had to come back on a different day after dark. For those of you interested in ever doing this, a tripod is necessary and I also highly recommend a shutter release or trigger. That will insure you don't shake the camera in any way while taking the photo with the slow shutter speeds your going to need. Ok, enough tech talk, on to the pictures.  

One last note, I actually couldn't decide on which image of Mandy Fraser's window to include (as they both have strange reflections I couldn't do much about) so I put both of them on the same canvas.

That was incredible experience, thanks again to the Fashion studio for letting me do this.

-Larry M. Holder 

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